How To Write

Grab a pen and a notebook, If the hand doesn’t feel cramped, if there is no physical strain whatsoever, do your words become sanitized by the ease in which you wrote them?
Go for the heavy stuff, for the light stuff, make poems where the audience gets blown up in the end, read Hemingway, Howard Zinn and the book of Revelation, when you see a biography of Houdini in the bookstore pick it up, read your work aloud,
Find friends who write, who edit, go get beers with them at shitty bars, discuss their editing project, keep a blog, write poems post them to the blog, find a few people in the world who like your stuff, use this as fuel for writing, experiment with writing practices writing haiku short stories flash fiction dialogue essays,
Prose poetry, news stories, copy, recipes, how-to’s, lists, fragments, stare at the clouds in the morning, look for stars at night, if none are visible imagine the sky is filled with them, learn a language, think about philosophy, don’t be mad at yourself when the words won’t come, be content to read and wait for the moment, don’t try for fame, try to connect,

Pay attention to the shadows on the ground of trees in fall summer spring and especially winter, seek out any body of water, but especially the ocean, stare out at the ocean, feel small in the world, but large in the world at the same time, pay attention to the sounds of the traffic, conversations, soles slapping pavement, pay attention to the small things, the wrinkles under the eyes, the lines on the mouths, if the skin is starting to sag, if the eyes look tired,

Find a spot in nature, revisit it over and over again, immerse yourself in other cultures, watch foreign films, look at art, all art, sculpture, plays, paintings, glass work installation pieces crafts, wonder at human achievement, recognize the paradox, identify yourself as an artist, take words and create landscapes, seascapes, breathe new life into static images, be an agent of rebirth, always try to connect, be enamored with the world, its cracks, its inconsistencies, pay attention to the news,

It’s a light that guides me. No different than others. A long tradition of torch bearers. It’s a light that is not blinding. Just bright enough. I think that every person finds their own light in life. It’s just that perceived bad hands ruin a person’s opinion of the whole game.


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