Ghost in the Machine


Saturns day, the kings day

the day devoted to false walls

to laveau to derais

going back to even further times

when the ritual meant something

was alive, pretenders except,

except the Jimmy Savilles

the whole English Establishment

a science, a scientific practice

practiced by flamel

experimenting with the flesh

tinkering, poking, prodding

Revolutionaries in their own right

Instituting black masses to achieve perfection

guided by a road to knowledge

one hermetic test,

two white lions stand still

guarding the tomb

that ivy grows over

Inquiries started at the request of the consciousness

are stopped by the crown,

in america, they don’t get past armies

of lawyers, of judges, of DA’s

​of the FBI and the CIA

it’s the dirty little secret

the ghost in the machine

and it always has been

from the advent of power

sublimating innocence

to maintain position

sacrifice, sacrifice, human sacrifice


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