Fragment VII

Walking through the Art Museum, I’m surrounded by the history of Colonialism. This is a graveyard.This is where spirit suffocates under glass, and a whole culture is categorized, and filed away, and placed behind a velvet rope


4 thoughts on “Fragment VII

  1. I have always found it painfully ironic that the most vibrant parts of a culture must remain forever in stasis, like a frozen limbo, in a museum. Especially considering the very nature of white walls, hushed halls, attendants standing around like security guards (sometimes they are!)….. Really boggles the artist’s mind, doesn’t it? NB

      1. Don’t they? A sort of colonialism of the mind, perhaps…..
        But on the other hand, go look up some of the street celebrations in Colombia or Brazil, where black folk wear what was the traditional slave garb of old plantations, openly in the street, as an expression of pride in their history, as dark as it is…Perhaps converting it into something not to dark…..

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