The Ride

Is the compulsion there?        

            How about the sickness?

Do you want to be an original or a fake?

            How about an original fake.

Is style something that concerns you?

    Does your hand cramp as the pen moves?

Is this the one thing you can see never quitting?

    Like all of the other things that you’ve quit.

Are you willing to dig into yourself with blunt tools,

    to treat your trauma as a blank canvas.

Do you bleed for this,

    Does it cause you insomnia.

Do you believe the universe can fit in the palm of your hand,

         How about your pocket?

Are you willing to work at it every day?

                                        every hour?

                       what about every minute?

Are you willing to use and abuse your psyche,

      getting lost in a flurry of sense memory.

                        Obsessing over every detail,

                                               every misstep,

                                               every word.














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