They might want world war three, they may even have the means to pull it off, nothing to do but be a chronicler, scribbling out irregular epitaphs, generation has been set on stun and there is nothing in any singles persons power to change the tide of history, American dream, dying out like a star, all by design, to be prisoners and not recognize the smooth bars.

All is not lost, well, life is what you make it, all encompassing world view stymied by establishment thinkers, who see control, top down, the herd quieted, as the all encompassing reason for the existence of society, awash in dirty grant money, the pyramid was capped with gold a long time ago, the blitz seen but never felt, holy war instigated for the God Usura.

Corporate state, empire out of control, air strikes and no flight zones, dirty oil, dirty water, dirty banksters.


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