Top down control that was put in place a long time ago, no one knows how it started, when we gave ourselves over to the well meaning bureaucrats and they changed the rules of the game. It didn’t happen over night, it wasn’t one single policy, it was systematic.

What happens when good men do nothing, what happens when language becomes just one more aspect of all pervasive control, what happens when speaking your mind becomes punishable with jail time.

Well runs dry, society begins to curtail it’s behavior, it’s language to what is deemed appropriate by the state.

History becomes forgotten, the purview only of those who are credentialed. Machiavelli takes his pen out and line by line starts removing facts and figures that could be detrimental to the status quo.

In this way the past is white washed, some genocides are sidelined and others are given precedence in the public consciousness. Never forget trumps dig a little deeper.

Numb to the world and it’s winners and losers.



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