Abhorrent to think that is the way business is done, naive to think otherwise,

Land of the sign under the petulant all seeing eye,

Babylon appears like a mirage, all glitz and glamor,

Scarlet clad covens hide cloven hoofed aspirations,

Of acquisition, assimilation, no one questioning idols,

Mesmerized by the pendant in the sky, reflective

in the sense that what is perceived is how things are and not how things should be,

The slate wiped clean only to have the malevolent sort graffiti the marble,

Stained in apocalyptic calamity.


One thought on “Hellfire

  1. Nice depth of context and usage of understanding, just beneath the surface of the collective mind. Things that people should know, but have let slip through their grasp, disguised as what it is not.

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